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B (Bearer) Channel
  A 64 kilobit-per-second (Kbps) circuit switched channel used for voice or data.
Source: Xilinx
Back Focal Length
  The distance between the last surface of a lens to its back focal plane.
Source: JML Optical
  A large transmission line carrying enormous amounts of Internet traffic over long distances.
Source: HostPulse
Background Debug Mode Interface
  (BDM) - An electronic interface that allows debugging of embedded systems. Specifically, it provides in-circuit debugging functionality in microcontrollers. It requires a single wire and specialized electronics in the system being debugged. It appears in many Freescale Semiconductor products. The interface allows a Host to manage and query a Target. Specialized hardware is required in the target device. No special hardware is required in the host; a simple bi-directional I/O pin is sufficient.
Source: Wikipedia
  In wireless technology, backhaul refers to transporting voice and data traffic from a cell site to the switch.
Source: Wireless Week
  A condition where a rotor can rotate freely for a certain angular distance before encountering any resisting force. It may be measured in degrees. This term normally applies to couplings and gears.
Source: Vibration Institute
  An assembly, typically a printed circuit board, with 96-pin connectors and signal paths that bus the connector pins. A C-size VXIbus system will have two sets of bused connectors called J1 and J2. A D-size VXIbus system will have three sets of bused connectors called J1, J2, and J3.
Source: National Instruments
  System interface connecting two or more boards.
Source: Xilinx
Balanced Bridge
  Condition that occurs when a bridge circuit is adjusted to produce a zero output.
Source: Twisted Pair
Ball Bond Shear Test
  Ball-bond shear is accomplished using the micro-wire system, except that a micro-ball shear tool is employed. However it does not always result in the ball-shear, since conductor trace failure can proceed it.
Source: Quad Group
Ball Grid Array
  (BGA) - A component whose terminations are on the bottom of the package, and are in the shape of solder balls and in a grid array pattern. This generally covers components that have them in a full array or in a partial array with “missing” balls in the center.
Source: Surface Mount Technology Association
  (BGA) - A leadless, surface mounted package with high I/O count. The pins are underneath the chip surface and create test access complications.
Source: Xilinx
  An antenna-balancing device that matches a balanced or symmetrical load (a dipole antenna) to an unbalanced load (a coaxial-cable feed line). ("Balun" is derived from "balanced-to-unbalanced.")
Source: ATE World
Band Pass Filter
  The frequency range over which a filter passes a signal within 3 dB of full strength. Outside the filter bandwidth, the signal is attenuated. The further outside, the greater the attenuation.
Source: Vibration Institute
Band Reject Filters
  A filter that rejects one band of frequencies and passes both higher and lower frequencies. Sometimes called a notch filter.
Source: K&L Microwave
Band-Pass filter
  A filter that passes signals that are between an upper and a lower frequency boundaries.
Source: Xilinx
Band-Stop Filter
  A tuned circuit designed to stop frequencies between a lower cut-off frequency (f1) and a higher cut-off frequency (f2) of the amplifier while passing all other frequencies.
Source: Twisted Pair
  (BW) - Width of the band of frequencies between the half power points.
Source: Twisted Pair
  (BW) - A measure of the carrying capacity (or size/width) of a communication (or operating or transmission) channel. This equates to the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time, or it is the amount of data that an application can process. For digital devices, the bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second (bps) or bytes per second (BPS). For analog devices, the bandwidth is the difference between the highest and lowest frequencies of a band that can be passed by a transmission medium without undue distortion, and can be expressed in cycles per second, or Hertz (Hz).
Source: Xilinx
  (BW) - A range of frequencies over which a system works without degrading the original signal.
Source: Test & Measurement World
  (BW) - The frequency range (usually stated in hertz or Hz) within which a measuring system can accurately measure a quantity.
Source: Vibration and Shock
  (BW) - Bandwidth is the point on an Amplitude versus Frequency curve, where the amplitude drops to less than 3 dB (70.7%) of its beginning low frequency amplitude.
Source: Probe Master
  (BW) - In the semiconductor context, the rate at which data is transferred from one part of a system to another (e.g. from memory to the processor). For example, in a PC using PC100 SDRAM clocked at 100 MHz, the 8 byte (64-bit) wide bus has a bandwidth of 800 MBytes/second. In the telecommunications context, the rate at which data is transferred between systems.
Source: MOSAID Technologies
Bare Board Testers
  Test equipment, usually automatic test equipment (ATE), that is used to test the connectivity and parasitics of unpopulated circuit boards.
Source: A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
  The cylinder formed by plating through a drilled hole.
Source: PCB Universe
Barrel Focus
  When the body tube of the microscope moves to focus the objective lenses and the stage is fixed.
Source: FRT of America
Barrier Layer
  See Overglassing
Source: A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.

    1 - 20
of 165 Records
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