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  Japanese for 'change for the better' or 'improvement'. A business philosophy of continuous cost reduction, reduce quality problems, and delivery time reduction through rapid, team-based improvement activity.
Source: Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing Consulting
Karnaugh Map
  A graphical technique for representing a logical function. Karnaugh maps are often useful for the purposes of minimization.
Source: Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.
Kelvin Measurement
  See "Four-Terminal Resistance Measurement".
  A method of measurement that separates stimulus leads from sense leads. The separation of test signals allows for a more precise measurement of low resistances. The Kelvin method is recommended where the desired measurement accuracy is below 50 milliohms. In the MPT system this measurement can only be made between two Kelvin test points. In this method, each pin or wire end of the cable sample being tested requires two switching module's test points.
Source: CableTest
Kelvin Scale of Temperature
  A scale of temperature which was invented by the British mathematician and physicist William Thomas, first Baron of Kelvin. Under the Kelvin, or absolute, scale of temperature, 0 K (corresponding to -273oC) is the coldest possible temperature and is known as absolute zero.
Source: Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.
  (K) - Represents 1,000 (one thousand), or 10^3.
Source: A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
  1000 watts for 1 hour.
Source: Twisted Pair
Kilowatt-hour Meter
  A meter used by electric utility companies to measure the amount of electric power used by a customer.
Source: Twisted Pair
Kirchhoff"s Current Law
  The sum of the currents flowing into a point in a circuit is equal to the sum of the currents flowing out of that same point.
Source: Twisted Pair
Kirchhoff"s Voltage Law
  The algebraic sum of the voltage drops in a closed path circuit is equal to the algebraic sum of the source voltages applied.
Source: Twisted Pair
Knee Voltage
  The voltage at which a curve joins two relatively straight portions of a characteristic curve. For a PN junction diode, the point in the forward operating region of the characteristic curve where conduction starts to increase rapidly. For a zener diode, the term is often used in reference to the zener voltage rating.
Source: Twisted Pair
Knoop Hardness
  A measure of hardness determined by the depth of penetration of a diamond stylus under a specified load. Similar to a Rockwell hardness test.
Source: JML Optical Industries, Inc.
Known Good Board
  (KGB) - A correctly operating PCB. It is used in learning or debugging a test program in development and for comparison testers where it serves as the standard unit by which other PCBs are compared.
Source: Surface Mount Technology Association
  (KGB) - Good Circuit (Known Good Board, KGB) - A circuit description or real PCB without any faults used as the comparison standard against which the faulty circuit is evaluated.
Source: Hebrew University of Jerusalem "DFT & JTAG" Course
Known Good Die
  (KGD) - A die in IC construction that can be used as a reference for comparing die not yet tested.
Source: A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
Known State
  A requirement in order to conduct testing. A circuit under test must have a known state so that a deterministic (predictable) response can be generated by the application of a known input stimulus.
Source: Inovys
Koehler Illumination
  A technique for uniformly illuminating a field from non-uniform light such as a coiled filament lamp.
Source: FRT of America

15 Records Found