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  A small chip (often the size of a credit card) containing microfluidic channels narrower than a human hair. They take advantage of the properties of liquids and gases to separate and better allow microsensors to analyze their constituent elements.
Source: Small Times
  a powerful graphical development environment for signal acquisition, measurement analysis, and data presentation, giving you the flexibility of a programming language without the complexity of traditional development tools. At the time of this submittal LabVIEW was available up to version 7.0.
Source: National Instruments
LabVIEW Field Programmable Gate Array
  (LabVIEW FPGA) - A feature available with National Instrument's (NI's) LabVIEW 7 software that allows users to creates custom FPGA applications to run on NI reconfigurable I/O hardware.
Source: National Instruments
  National Instruments LabWindowsTM/CVI is a proven ANSI C integrated development environment that provides engineers and scientists with a comprehensive set of programming tools for creating test and control applications. NI LabWindows/CVI combines the longevity and reusability of ANSI C with engineering-specific functionality designed for instrument control, data acquisition, analysis, and user interface development.
Source: National Instruments
  Difference in time between two waveforms of the same frequency expressed in degrees. Example: One waveform lags another waveform by a certain number of degrees.
Source: Twisted Pair
Lambda Search
  A method for prioritizing the replacement of repair items in an isolated ambiguity group, based on isolated failure probability. Testability analyses often include both fault isolation metrics (based on testing only, without the use of lambda search) and fault resolution metrics (which take into consideration both testing and serial replacement prioritized using a technique like lambda search).
Source: Testability.com
  The plastic material usually reinforced by glass or paper that supports the copper cladding from which circuit traces are created. Laminate Thickness - Thickness of the metal-clad base material, single or double sided, prior to any subsequent processing. Laminate Void - An absence of epoxy resin in any cross-sectional area which should normally contain epoxy resin.
Source: PCB Universe
  Radiographic technique in which the images above and below the plane of interest are blurred out by movement of the X-ray tube and film holder, to show a specific area more clearly.
Source: Cancer Web
LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation
  (LXI) - -based successor to GPIB. It goes beyond GPIB to provide additional capabilities that make it easier for system designers and integrators to create faster, more efficient systems. LXI is an instrumentation platform based on industry-standard Ethernet technology that improves the modularity, flexibility, and performance of small- and medium-sized systems. LXI’s compact package, high-speedI/O, and reliable measurements meet the needs of R&D and manufacturing engineers supplying electronics to the aerospace/defense, automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics markets.
Source: LXI Consortium
Laplacian Filter
  An omni-directional spatial edge enhancement filter.
Source: Datacube
Large Scale Integration
  (LSI) - Arrays of ICs on a single substrate that comprise 100 or more individual active circuit functions or gates.
Source: Surface Mount Technology Association
  Device that produces a very narrow intense beam of light. The name is an axcronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.
Source: Twisted Pair
Laser Diode
  A special semiconductor diode which emits a beam of coherent light.
Source: Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.
  A laser which uses a forward biased semiconductor junction as the active medium. Also known as injection laser diode.
Source: JML Optical
Last In First Out
  (LIFO) - A memory device in which data is read out in the reverse order to which it was written in.
Source: Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.
  A basic logic function that stores the input value of a signal. Unlike a flip flop, the output directly reflects the input value when enabled.
Source: Xilinx
  High current state of a CMOS circuit caused by the parasitic bipolar transistors
Source: University of Colorado website
  A condition in which a circuit draws uncontrolled amounts of current, and certain voltages are forced, or "latched-up", to some level. Particularly relevant in the case of CMOS devices which can latch-up if their operating conditions are violated.
Source: Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.
  In general, the period of time that one component in a system is spinning its wheels waiting for another component. Latency, therefore, is wasted time. For example, in accessing data on a disk, latency is defined as the time it takes to position the proper sector under the read/write head. In networking, the amount of time it takes a packet to travel from source to destination. Together, latency and bandwidth define the speed and capacity of a network.
Source: Xilinx
Latent defect
  A flaw (in a part or assembly) and/or workmanship that is dormant, not immediately apparent visually or by electrical test, yet can result in failure.
Source: Vibration and Shock
Lateral Color
  A chromatic aberration resulting in image size variation as a function of wavelength. Also known as chromatic difference of magnification.
Source: JML Optical
Lateral Thermal Conductivity
  Good lateral thermal conductivity means that the heat generated by components mounted on a substrate can be conducted horizontally across the substrate and out through its leads.
Source: Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.

    1 - 20
of 99 Records
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