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  The symbol used to represent high impedance in a tri-state device.
Source: A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
  A layman's term for an electrical discharge or electrostatic discharge, ESD.
Source: ESD Systems
Zero Span
  An operating mode of the analyzer where the frequency span is zero. This corresponds to a level measurement at a fixed frequency (receiver mode) and hence a time domain display of the (filtered) input signal.
Source: Willtek Communications, Inc.
Zero-G drift
  The amount that a sensor's signal shifts over some temperature range.
Source: Vibration and Shock
  Values that make the transfer function zero. Factor in the numerator of the transfer function polynomial.
Source: Frequency Devices, Inc.
  Zero insertion force. A method of connection, usually between a circuit board and a backplane that enables effortless connection
Source: A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
  A lens system that provides for variable magnification capability while keeping the specimen in focus.
Source: FRT of America
  A type of standard score scale in which the mean equals zero and the standard deviation equals one unit for the group used in defining the scale.
Source: AGS Publishing
Zulu Time
  Synonymous with Greenwich Meridian Time, a time designation used in satellite systems.
Source: Wireless Week
Zwicker loudness
  A sound measurement methodology. Loudness is measured in linear units called sones as opposed to decibels.
Source: Vibration and Shock

10 Records Found