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Introduction to Automatic Test System Software Standards and to Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML)

What you will learn:
You will get a comprehensive picture of industry standards applicable to Automatic Test Systems (ATS) software and will be introduced to the emerging Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML) standards. You will learn how the adoption of ATML and other standards can help you reduce the cost of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Test Program Set (TPS) development, operation, and modernization.
The first part of this course provides an overview of the industry standards used in for ATS software. The course covers both legacy and current standards, illustrated with representative examples. The second part of the course provides an overview of the ATML family of standards and their typical applications in ATS. The individual ATML component standards are introduced and illustrated through examples.

Who should attend:
This course is of interest to design engineers and test engineers who define test requirements, test engineers who develop TPSs, system engineers who design ATE, software architects who design ATS software solutions, and software developers who implement ATML-compliant software products. Managers concerned with reducing the cost of ATE and TPS development, operation, and modernization, as well as those with general interest of industry standards for ATS software should also find this course beneficial.

Part 1: Standardization in ATS

* ATS reference architecture

* ATS software standards in use before ATML

* Use cases for ATS software standards: sharing and reuse of design, test, and maintenance information ; TPS conversion; ATE modernization; TPS rehost

* Standardization requirements for defense programs: US DoD ATS Framework, UK MoD DefStan 66-31 Part 8

* Standardization costs vs. benefits

Part 2: Introduction to ATML

* XML underpinnings of ATML

* The ATML family of standards

* Brief introduction to ATML component standards

* Applications of ATML: representation of test requirements; TPS rehosting; enabling TPS portability across multiple ATS platforms; optimization of TPS performance

* Extensibility

* Conformance

Instructor: Dr. Ion Neag
Dr. Neag holds a PhD in Electronics Engineering. As a software architect, he designed COTS software products for Automatic Test Systems. He integrated hardware and software on most ATE families from the DoD inventory. In 2006 Dr. Neag founded Reston Software to provide world-class engineering services to the ATE and scientific communities. He advises companies on software and systems architectures and still enjoys writing code and building specialized hardware. Dr. Neag has a strong interest in developing and implementing ATS industry standards. He participated in the early work of the IVI Foundation and is now a co-chair of the Test and ATE Description (TAD) Subcommittee of the IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20 on Test and Diagnosis for Electronic Systems (SCC20). He led the Working Group that created the first version of the IEEE 1671.1 ATML Test Description standard and is now coordinating the revision of IEEE 1671.3 ATML UUT Description.

Onsite Define   
Private Define  Washington DC Area
Public Define1-22-16 Los Angeles, California