Overview of Test, ATE & Testability 





What you will Learn: 

A participant who has little or no background in test can leave this course with a thorough understanding of the issues. While the course provides few solutions, it is imperative that anyone making decisions concerning test and testability should first attend this course.


This course attempts to introduce every aspect of testing. It progresses from definitions and introduction of various testing methods through economic justifications of the test investment. It discusses Test Requirements and shows how test programs are developed. Design for Testability, Built-In Test and other advanced topics are also discussed. It is a highly recommended prerequisite to all other courses.

Who should Attend

Anyone who considers test.


Introduction to Testing

  • When to Test
  • Definition of Terms
  • What is an Electronics Test Engineer?

Introduction to ATE

  • History of the ATE
  • Elements of an ATE
  • ATE Technology Development
  • Instrumentation Buses
  • Computers in ATE
  • Types of ATE Software

Testing Methods

  • IC Testers
  • Assembly Fault Testers
  • In-Circuit Testers
  • Functional Testers
  • Systems Testers
  • Environmental Test and Burn-In
  • Field Service Testers

Test Economics

  • Reasons for Testing
  • Cost of Testing
  • Costs of Not Testing
  • Manual vs. Automatic Testing
  • Military vs. Commercial ATE
  • Effect of Fault Distribution

Test Requirements

  • Test Specifications
  • Test Requirement Document (TRD)
  • Test Requirement Analysis (TRA)
  • Test Strategy Report (TSR)
  • Test Program Set (TPS)

Introduction to Test Programming

  • Stuck-at Faults
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG)
  • Analog Testing
  • Test Languages

Introduction to Design for Testability (DFT)

  • What is DFT and why do we need it?
  • Considerations for DFT
  • Scan & Boundary-Scan
  • Built-In Self Test
  • DFT Management
  • Testability in Concurrent Engineering

Trends in Automatic Testing

  • Analog Testing Issues
  • Computer Aided Design and Test
  • Integrated Diagnostics
  • Integrating Hardware and Software Test
  • Artificial Intelligence in Test
  • Prognostics and Health Management
  • Synthetic Instrumentation
  • Remote Testing
  • Common Test Platforms

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