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Web Based Courses

What is an Online Course?

An Online or Web Based course allows use of the technological media, such as the Telephone, Internet and other communications technology as the medium for interfacing the Instructor with the students.  It is truly a World Wide Web and you may attend our Webinars no matter where in the world you live.

For Fee Webinars Currently Scheduled:

StartDate Location Title Details
07/07/2010 Webinar - 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM EST, 18:00 GMT Test Strategy and ATE Mix Details
07/12/2010 Webinar - 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM EST, 18:00 GMT Webinar - Design for Testability 101 - Who, What, When, Why, How Much Details
07/13/2010 Webinar - 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM EST, 18:00 GMT Webinar - Design for Testability 201 - Techniques for ICs, Boards and Systems Details
07/14/2010 Webinar - 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM EST, 18:00 GMT Webinar - Design for Testability 301 - JTAG/Boundary Scan/IEEE 1149.1 Details
07/15/2010 Webinar - 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM EST, 18:00 GMT Webinar - Design for Testability 401 - System Level Testability and Diagnosability Details
07/16/2010 Webinar - 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM EST, 18:00 GMT Webinar - DFT 501 - Advanced DFT Techniques Details

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Scheduled Courses

Questions: email us at Education@BestTest.com

How Online Courses Work?

There are a number of different technologies and software packages that can serve as the medium for Online courses.  

In its simplest format, you can access the webinar using voice over IP (VoIP) and you will not need to use a telephone.  If you wish, however, telephone connections are also available.  Course material could be sent ahead of time so each attendee has either paper or presentation slides in front of him/her as the instructor lectures.  The Instructor can inform the students what page of the course notes to look at.  While the student's microphone or telephone is muted during the lecture, questions can be emailed and the instructor can see them in real time.

Major Variations in Online Courses

Beyond the type of technology that is used to convey the course, here are some variations that you should consider in Online Courses:

  • Webinar - A broadcasting of a topic, presented live to an  audience over the Internet at a given time.  After you register as the attendee you will be instructed how to connect to the webinar from your computer.  Though we do not strictly restrict it, the webinar is not set up to accommodate a group observing your computer.  If you have several people at your company who wish to also join, we can accommodate them on their computers for a discounted price.   Questions may only be raised by registered attendees either during or after the presentation. 
  • Webinar Archive - This is usually the saved copy of the Webinar and when available you can acquire it by downloading it or having it emailed  to you to view at your leisure.  Not all webinars have webinar archives and some are not distributed or sold.
  • Onsite or On Demand Webinar - Rather than attending a scheduled webinar, you may wish to have that particular webinar taught to you and your colleagues at a time that is convenient for you.  This is available at a set price.
  • Customized Onsite or On Demand Webinar - You may wish to combine various webinar topics.  Contact us at Education@BestTest.com to discuss your requirements.

Benefits of Online Courses

The major benefits of Online Courses are as follows:

  • There is no need for travel.
  • The time can be set so that it is convenient for the attendees.
  • With multiple location courses, companies can train their staff together without the need for travel.
  • The courses can be customized to your needs.
  • The number of attendees at each of your locations is not a cost factor (though too many questions will slow the progress of the class).

Concerns of Online Courses

In our experience with teaching Online and WebBased Courses, we found a few issues of concern that you should be aware of:

  • Despite the technology, communication in this format is not as smooth as it is in a classroom setting.
  • Questions submitted are not as clear and the answers may fail to grasp the question accurately.
  • The amount of time one can comfortably spend on an online course is a maximum of 3 hours.  After that the attention span decreases rapidly.  So what would be normally a 3-day course (at 6 hours per day) will likely take 6 days to cover.

In general Online Courses are better at being able to present information than at receiving information.  We try to keep our webinars short and focus in on topics of interest.  Sometimes this gets complicated when prerequisites are needed before a topic can be clearly understood.  While we see the benefits of WebBased courses, we are not ready to abandon face-to-face classroom settings at Publicly Held, WebBased or Onsite Courses.

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Scheduled Courses

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