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Testability Director

Have hundreds of explained DFT Guidelines in front of your Designers and Test Engineers and score your design's testability, WHEN it will be the most cost effective!

The Testability Director TM

Version 3.3 - Better Organized, More Guidelines,
One Low Price for use by All your Test and Design Engineers 

Facility Wide License Only $1,999.50
The Tutorial ($99.95) and The Detailed User's Manual ($299.95)
available for purchase separately

Design for Testability is an excellent way to cut your test costs - providing returns on your investment which can exceed several hundred percent. Now, with The Testability Director you will know exactly what to do to make your product more testable and maintainable.

What is The Testability Director?

The Testability Director is a spreadsheet template, which guides in the development of testable designs. It contains the Inherent Testability Checklist used with MIL-STD-2165, the U.S. Government's Testability Program for Electronic Systems and Equipments. But Version 3.3 goes much further, bringing you hundreds of guidelines from IC design through board and system testing. It includes guidelines for X-ray and Automated Optical Inspection.  It also includes fixturing guidelines for bed-of nails, flying probe and even vectorless test approaches.  Developed by world renown experts on testability, it includes both digital and analog guidelines and spans from manufacturing through support. It is dynamic, allowing you to add criteria which may be specific to your needs. The following shows a sample page from The Testability Director:

The Testability Director will give you an Overall Testability Score in various aspects of circuit design. What you will get is a report similar to the one below:

Overall Testability Score Sheet and Section Weight Assignment

Assigned Section Weight Section Score in Percent Section Weight Section Weighted Score
G00000 General Guidelines 10 12% 720.0 86.4
I00000 IC and ASIC Level Testability Guidelines        

VLSI, ASIC and Microprocessor Circuit Guidelines

8 80% 1368.0 1098.1

Memory and Programmable Circuit Guidelines

6 85% 450.0 383.5

Structured Design for Testability Guidelines

9 62% 432.0 266.2
B00000 Board Level Testability Guidelines        



Automatic Optical Inspection Guidelines

6 78% 480.0 373.7

Automated X-Ray Guidelines

8 86% 320.0 240.5
B30000    Connectivity Guidelines        

Flying Probe Connectivity Guidelines

6 93% 102.0 94.8

Vectorless Test Guidelines

7 81% 259.0 208.6

Boundary-Scan Connectivity Guidelines

9 76% 99.0 75.4
B50000    In-Circuit Board
  Testability Guidelines

In-Circuit Test and Testability Guidelines

8 89% 1712.0 1522.9

Boundary-Scan In-Circuit Testability Guidelines

8 77% 352.0 271.3
B70000     Functional Board Test and
    Testability Guidelines

Digital Circuit Guidelines

7 93% 1575.0 1460.7

Analog Circuit Guidelines

5 88% 325.0 285.8

Board Level Boundary-Scan and BIT Guidelines

7 88% 630.0 552.4

System Level Testability Guidelines


General System Level Guidelines

8 85% 640.0 543.8

System Level BIT Guidelines

8 89% 952.0 850.3
  Totals     10416.0 8314.2
Overall Testability Score  


How does it work?

The Testability Director provides hundreds of very specific testability design guidelines in the form of questions called criteria. A Criteria Weight is assigned to each criterion. A Score in Percent is calculated by dividing those Meeting Criteria with the Total Number. From these figures, The Testability Director automatically calculates a Weighted Score. Criteria are grouped in sections, with each section having its own Assigned Section Weight. Major sections include the following:

IC and ASIC Level
Board Level
System Level

Any criterion, subsection or section can be ignored by assigning it a 0 Weight. An Overall Testability Score takes into account all criteria and a score of 90% or more indicates good testability. A low score for any criterion indicates that improvement is needed. The Users' Manual, provided with the software, gives suggestions on how to improve the design. Version 3.3 includes a hypertext Users' Manual for easier browsing.

What type of criteria do we score?

You don't need any sophisticated testability formula, nor a detailed circuit analysis. You answer some simple questions (well, really hundreds of questions) about your design, such as the example below:

The Testability Director Version 3.3


Criteria Weight Total Number Meeting Criteria Score in % Weighted Score
20000  System/Subsystem Level Testability Guidelines





20010 Is a testability program plan developed? 9 100 50 50% 36.0
20020 Are standard commercial electronic modules used whenever feasible? 6 6 5 83% 40.0
20025 Are redundant modules independently testable? 10 3 2 67% 53.3
20030 Are standard connectors used in the system? 5 5 4 80% 32.0 
20035 You may add your own criteria here






20040 Is access available to each address, data and control bus lines? 8 9 6 67% 42.7
20050 Are system-level feedback loops controllable through the test equipment? 7 3 3 100% 56.0 
20060 Is standard power used for the system/subsystem? 5 3 2 67% 26.7
20070 Is the system/subsystem design modular? 7 4 3 75% 42.0
20080 Are system/subsystem test points provided? 6 3 2 67% 32.0
20090 Have measures been taken to provide for test personnel safety? 9 4 4 100% 72.0
20092 Are all system/subsystem specifications available? 8 5 4 80% 51.2


Section Totals



80 76% 483.9 

How do we assign weights and scores?

Let us use Criterion #20020 above for illustration.

Criterion #20020 asks "Are standard commercial electronic modules used whenever feasible?" (The intent is to use standard modules, which are easier to repair.) The Score equals the number of standard modules used (5), divided by the total number of modules in the system (6), is 5/6 or 83%. This criterion is in the Systems/Subsystem Level Section and is assigned a Section Weight of 8 and a Criteria Weight of 6. The Weighted Score for this criterion is 8*6*83% or 40.0. If the Overall Testability Score needs to be improved, the designer could return to this section and exchange the non-standard modules for a standard one, thereby improving the scores.

Can we add our own guidelines?

Adding your own criteria (i.e. guidelines) is quite easy to do, but before you do, we caution you to maintain a copy of the original software, in case you inadvertently alter another cell.  We have taken precautions by protecting cells but when you add a criterion of your own, you may have to unprotect the entire worksheet.  

You can add a criterion (we recommend in a question form) and you can create a guideline for it.  You can also link the criterion to the guideline and it will operate the same way as our guidelines. 

The criterion you add may be specific to your organization and/or to your product, or it may be useful to everyone.  If you feel it is useful to everyone, you may share it and we can provide the guideline to all other users.  In turn, we will share their additions with you.

If you are concerned about making changes to The Testability Director, simply contact us at experts@BestTest.com and we will be happy to add your criterion to your software for you at no charge.

Who should use The Testability Director?

The Testability Director is best used as a cooperative effort between a number of disciplines: Test Engineers, Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Maintainability and other Logistics personnel and Management. The Testability Director can provide a bridge between these fields. Here is one method to accomplish this integration:

1. Have Management assign the Section Weight

2. Have Design Engineers, answer to what extent each criterion is met. (Total Number and Meeting Criteria).

3. Have Test Engineers, assign each Criteria Weight and give non-applicables a 0 weight.

What do I place an order?

The Testability Director, includes your spreadsheet template in Excel(TM), which can readily be imported into most other spreadsheet programs. The software includes a Tutorial and an extensive Detailed Users' Manual which gives guidelines for each criterion. The Detailed Users' Manual is also included in hypertext, allowing you to use any (Internet) browser to quickly find any criteria you are looking for.

* License is for a single facility. A company-wide multi-facility licensing may be ordered at a later time. Californians add sales tax.  No shipping charge for pay-per-download.

A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
400 Continental Blvd., 6th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245  USA

Support and Updates?

Free updates and telephone support for one year is available for only $399.50.

Risk FREE Guarantee: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our software products, The Testability Director and The Test Flow Simulator carry a special guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the software and  don't want to keep it, send us a FAX to 310-305-7703 on your company stationary within 30 days of your purchase that you did not make or keep any copies, and we will refund the entire amount you paid.


Can I learn what I am buying, first?

We realize that The Testability Director involves a number of people - designers, test engineers, managers - and it will require that questions be answered.  It will also be more effective if you learn what it contains before you buy your Facility-Wide Software License.  For this purpose we offer a 3 stage purchase plan:

  1. A Tutorial explains how to benefit from The Testability Director and lists all the criteria (questions) included in the software version.  It provides a quick familiarity with the testability guidelines but does not provide all the guidelines included in the User's Manual.

  2. Detailed User's Manual includes a 150+ page PDF booklet with all the detailed explanations and  guidelines for each criterion.  This is basically the same as The Testability Director, without the software.  With this Detailed User's Manual, you will be able to start improving your design's testability immediately.  If you buy the software within 1 year, you get $200 reduction from the software price.

  3. If you purchased the User's Manual in the past year, purchase The Testability Director software with a Facility Wide License for only $1,799.50.

  4. Simplify - Purchase The Testability Director with a Facility Wide License NOW, including the User's Manual for only $1,999.50.  Start saving thousands, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in test and support costs right away.

  5. All the above will be emailed to the email address you provide.  If you would prefer the software sent to you on a CD (including shipping and handling within the United States) add $35.00.  Orders for shipment outside the United States may incur additional fees.

  6. Free updates to the software and telephone support for one year is available for only $399.50.


    Place your order here:

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A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
400 Continental Blvd., 6th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245  USA
Phone: 310-822-5231 FAX: 310-305-7703
email: experts@BestTest.com

 (TM) The Testability Director and The Test Flow Simulator  are trademarks of A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.  Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.