Testability Management Action Group (TMAG)

This site has now moved to our new home at www.TMAG4DFT.org.  Only that new web site is being updated.  Thank you for your interest in TMAG.   

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What is TMAG?

Mission Statement

The Testability Management Action Group (TMAG) is a grass roots organization made up of test professionals who believe that success for Testability in general, and Design for Testability (DFT) in particular, requires the involvement and the support of management at all levels.  TMAG will collect and dispense information to assist those wishing to establish benefits of testability and DFT. 


The organization is in the process of forming as a legal not for profit entity.  The following officers are in Acting position until the entity is formed:

President: Louis Y. Ungar, A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
Administrative Vice President: Duane Lowenstein, Agilent Technologies Inc.
Membership Vice President: Brian Erickson, JTAG Technologies
Technical Vice President: Dr. Russell Shannon, United States Navy
Secretary: Dennis E. Hecht, Boeing Aircraft Company
Treasurer: Dr. Scott Davidson, Sun Microsystems

There are also a number of Committees (See Meetings below).

For the latest version of the TMAG Plan click here.


Meeting Press Release

You can help TMAG.  Here is how: Wanted resources 

Committee Meetings 

Committee meetings are open to the volunteers of the various committees.  Others who wish to join can do so, but should introduce themselves to the committee chairs before the meeting.  To volunteer to be in one of the committees, please contact Dr. Russell Shannon at russell.shannon@navy.mil. 


The conference call is as follows:

Please RSVP to Russell Shannon russell.shannon@navy.mil  if you intend to call in.

Agenda for the DFT Management Committee Meeting will be posted here.

         Minutes of DFT Management Committee Meeting #1 


The conference call information is:

Phone: 866 839-8145
Caller Paid: 865 524-6352
Participant Code: 8612457

            Minutes of Tool Committee Meeting #1

            Minutes of Tools Committee Meeting #2

            Minutes of Tools Committee Meeting #3

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General Meetings

General meetings are open to the general membership.  Unless otherwise indicated general meetings are open to all interested parties.

See the Minutes of Meeting #1 on 12/10/2007 

General Meeting #2

Meeting 2 Agenda

SMTA Medical Electronics Symposium on January 29, 2008 in Anaheim, California 11:35 AM to 12:35 PM Pacific Time (2:35 PM - 3:35 PM Eastern, 19:35 - 20:35 GMT)

See the Minutes of Meeting #2 on 1/29/2008 

You can attend in person or by internet and telephone access.

The meeting will take place during the Medical Electronics Symposium.  See http://www.smta.org/education/symposia/symposia.cfm#medical.  

To let us know that you will personally attend the conference at the Anaheim Convention Center, please contact Louis Ungar at LouisUngar@ieee.org

Conference Line:

Call in Number in USA***: 866-333-2708

Meeting ID:                    7888008

WebEx Connection:


Meeting password: 12345678

Meeting number: 307 150 059

To RSVP your conference call or to raise questions or problems logging in, please contact Duane Lowenstein at duane_lowenstein@agilent.com.

***International Direct Dial:  AM: 1 650 599 0375  AP: 65 64248888   EU: 49 69 2999 3333

International Customer  Access Numbers:  

Testability Management Action Group (TMAG) General Meeting #3

When:  1 April 2008 at 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Pacific Time (2:30 PM EST)
Where:  In conjunction with the APEX conference at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  
Room Number 60220.
RSVP: Please RSVP LouisUngar@ieee.org if you can attend in person.  No RSVP necessary for call ins by phone and WEBEX (see details below).

TMAG is in the process of incorporating as a nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation.  Please come and be part of it.

The agenda of this meeting will be:

  1. Latest updates on formalizing and incorporating TMAG
  2. General guidelines for membership
  3. Updates from sub-committees
  4. Other updates and teaming with other organizations
  5. Open discussions

Hope you can join us!  Also, please forward this email to invite your colleagues and managers to join this meeting.  It is an important step in making your products and your organizations testable.

NOTE: Corporate membership is now available at the rate of $1,000 that includes 10 individual members and corporate logo placed on the new TMAG web site.  To be fair to all, positions for the logo will be awarded on a first-come first-serve bases.  To reserve your position, send an email to Brian Erickson, VP of Membership at berickson@alder-systems.com.

Conference Line To Call in to the Las Vegas Meeting:

Call in Number in USA***: 866-333-2708

Meeting ID:                    7888008

WebEx Connection:

Please click the following link to join the meeting.


Meeting password: TMAG2008

Meeting number: 301 898 243

To raise questions or problems logging in, please contact Duane Lowenstein at duane_lowenstein@agilent.com.

***International Direct Dial:  AM: 1 650 599 0375  AP: 65 64248888   EU: 49 69 2999 3333

See (or hear) you all in Las Vegas
TMAG Executive Committee


Note: All meetings are subject to changes.  We will attempt to update dates and times on this web page.  Please check back before a meeting to see if a change has occurred.  See prior meetings in the TMAG Archives.

General Meeting #2 - January 29, 2008 11:35 AM - 12:35 PM (Pacific Time)

Meeting 2 Agenda


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We are looking for volunteers to assist us in this endeavor.  At this point we are in need of the following assistance and/or information.  Please contact LouisUngar@ieee.org

  1. Top Level Manager in a sizeable, recognized electronics company who can advise the group on the direction it should take in communicating testability concerns to Top Level Managers. 
  2. Test Engineers with an MBA or Corporate Managers with Test Engineering backgrounds can help us bridge the great divide.
  3. Design Engineers who have been incorporating Design for Testability techniques should share their experiences with us.
  4. Testimonials from companies that have incorporated Design for Testability who can share their findings (good or bad!)
  5. Companies willing to sponsor a future meeting.  We will need a conference room, internet access, telephone line, WEBEX and internet meeting facilities.  The company will be recognized for its contribution in the mass emailing.
  6. TMAG is not associated with a professional organization at this time, though we have received assistance from organizations by allowing us to present at SMTA meetings, AutoTestCon and at an IPC Conference.  Any organization interested in sponsoring TMAG should contact us.
  7. Engineers who work at commercial companies where testability is practiced to join the DFT Management committee.

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Customer  Access Numbers:

Australia            1800-649-267     Hong Kong        31977442          Quebec 866-333-7693       

Austria   0800-301-005     India      000-800-100-3126*         Singapore           1800-777-8000     

Belgium             080-058-041      Ireland    1800-924-391     Spain     900-902-882        

Brazil     080-089-15965   Israel     00 800 2445 3688**        Sweden 020-120-3033       

Canada 866-333-2708     Italy       0800-905-655     Switzerland        0800 001 544       

China     4006-509-806     Japan    0120-808651      Taiwan   0800-047168        

Denmark            80-404-942        Korea     080-2000500      Thailand             1800-290999        

Finland   800-523-061      Malaysia            1800-880156      United Kingdom 0800-026-1410     

France   0800-011-293     Mexico   001-866-333-2708          USA      866-333-2708       

Germany            0800-0001-101   Netherlands        0800-020-0102                             

                        New Zealand       0800-244-536                            

*  The India toll-free can be dialed only from IDD enabled BSNL/MTNL/BHARTI fixed phone lines (not from normal lines).

** Israel does not allow mobile origination to this number. Hotels may charge additional fees.  

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