ATE and Test Marketing Consulting

Through our large network of students, customers and clients with whom we have intimate discussions on test equipment and service needs, we feel we understand the test market. We have designed the BestTest Directory, where thousands of visitors have searched for test products and services. We make it our business know what test buyers are looking for.

If you have an interest in knowing about specific test products and how they can be marketed, we can help:

  • We can create questionnaires,
  • We can conduct surveys, and
  • We can even run market test of products and services the test community wants.

Our very independent stature and the respect of the test community allows us to help vendors as well as users to profit more from test. While we do not disclose the identity of visitors to our web site, we can give you statistical information about the types of products our visitors seek most.

If we can be of assistance, please contact us or call (310) 822-5231