A.T.E. Solutions, Inc. is a world leader in test related education.

We are making courses available in several formats. Click on the link for more information:

» Instructors

See the biography of our instructors

» Publicly Held Courses

These courses are taught in a public forum in a designated place and time and are open to registration.

Proceed with the selection of Publicly Held Courses

» Privately Held Courses

When you have only a few attendees and wish to send them to the instructor’s city, we can accommodate the venue and the course. It can be cost effective since the instructor need not travel.

» On-Site Courses

We come to your facility to teach a live course.

» ConsulTraining

This is a part of our educational services, whereby we combine training with consulting, enabling instructors and attendees to solve problems while being educated on the topic.

For example, a course on DFT and BIST is applied to your company’s design.

» Web Based Courses

We can teach a course over the Internet. (We suggest a maximum of 2 hours per day).

Recordings of Web Based Courses

Recordings of web-based courses are available in the BestTest Store.