What is ConsulTraining?

We invented this “do-it-yourself” training service in response to both students and their managers who wanted to make training useful immediately. ConsulTraining combines Consulting and Training.

We can bring ConsulTraining courses to your facility as an Onsite or incorporate them into a Privately Held session. The main benefit is that we can customize it to your needs. With ConsulTraining we help you work on your actual project in class, so you gain from practical experience as well as from theory. You can start solving your company’s problems in class, utilizing the instructor as a consultant.

How ConsulTraining Works

When you have a project that requires you to have knowledge of the curriculum we teach, you probably want to put the theory to practice as quickly as possible. So instead of providing you a course with hypothetical examples, we will work to solve your test related problems with your product or organization as the example.

Suppose you are considering utilizing boundary-scan (JTAG/IEEE-1149.1) on a new design, but do not know enough about this technology to decide whether this would be right for you. You would like your design and test engineers as well as some managers to make this decision once they know what is involved. We could conduct a ConsulTraining session for you.

Benefits of ConsulTraining

During the ConsulTraining session, the attendees would actually design your circuit with the proposed features in class with the expert help of the instructor. At the end of the course you would benefit as follows:

  • Your attendees would be experienced with boundary-scan – familiar with its advantages and its limitations.
  • Your attendees would have already implemented the techniques and your project would be that far ahead.
  • Instead of having only one expert on the subject, you can have several engineers become familiar, and they can help each other in the future.
  • The instructor/expert can be available to assist in the future on an on-call basis, since he/she is already familiar with your product.
  • You will have the fastest possible way of jumping on new technology with a trained and experienced staff as well as an outside expert consultant available upon demand

Planning your ConsulTraining

ConsulTraining requires a bit more planning, because the instructor must become familiar with your products and organization. The courses also take longer because of the hands-on practice your students receive.

ConsulTraining is always geared towards your product/organization, so it is only available as on-site or private courses.

Requesting a Quotation for ConsulTraining

Tell us:

  • The Start Date
  • The Length of the Course. (As a general rule, ConsulTraining courses take about twice as long as the same course Onsite or Publicly Held.)
  • Location (Generally at your location or at ours.)
  • How Many? (The number of students attending. Often the course can be modularized so that some attendees only attend certain days and others attend the whole session).