Test Program Consulting Service

A.T.E. Solutions, Inc. started out as a test program development operation, providing turnkey test programs for our customers. In addition to developing test programs there are several other consulting tasks that you may need:

  • We can help you scope the effort, develop your specifications for the test programming projects, evaluate the development effort of outside vendors, and run acceptance tests of test programs.
  • We can also provide help with Test Requirement Document (TRD) and in test program set (TPS) proposal preparations.
    Our expertise can help you gage the effort required to perform test programming for various ATEs, help you prepare proposals, and we stay around to help you do your job better when you win the contract.
  • We have consultants familiar with all types of commercial ATEs, and military systems, including the US Navy’s CASS, the US Army’s IFTE and many US Air Force systems. Our consultants can develop test programs on most commercially available ATEs, whether it is for ICs, boards or systems.
  • If you outsource your test program development, you may need an independent expert to ensure that you are getting everything you contracted for.

If we can be of assistance, please contact us or call (310) 822-5231