HiSPINOUT, a new paradigm in testing digital high-speed I/O


High SPeed INput/OUtput Tester (Hi-SPINOUT) operates as an automatic test equipment (ATE) that performs tests on high-speed input/output ports and buses to find manufacturing and in-use defects on circuit boards and systems.  It can also be configured as an auxiliary test instrument and communicate with any other ATE over a serial bus.  It includes a complete and easy to run test program set (TPS) that also locates and diagnoses the source of the defect or failure. HiSPINOUT can be connected to military ATE – such as eCASS, VDATS and IFTE – and used as an integral part of a line replaceable unit (LRU) TPS.  Currently, HiSPINOUT tests the USB 3.0 bus. Other high-speed (or low speed) bus testing applications, as they become available, can be run on the same HiSPINOUT hardware platform.


HiSPINOUT Description


  • HiSPINOUT is a novel automatic test equipment (ATE) approach to test high-speed I/O buses on circuit boards and systems, using FPGA-based reconfigurable synthetic instruments
  • From the users’ perspective, HiSPINOUT offers a way to test complex high-speed buses, such as the USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1) in an easy to run plug-and play mode.
  • There is no need for test program development – we have already done that for you!
  • It is easy to operate Hi-SPINOUT’s end-to-end test by anyone with easy-to-follow instructions (See HiSPINOUT Test Flow’s left branch)
  • Individual tests can be run by technical personnel to make signal integrity decisions (See HiSPINOUT Test Flow’s right branch)
  • HiSPINOUT can connect to your In-Circuit or Functional ATE, including military ATE and used as an auxiliary test instrument, providing high-speed test capability even to legacy ATE.
  • You can benefit from HiSPINOUT
    • If you manufacture circuit boards, you can now fully test the I/O integrity even during in-circuit test, saving you from a complex fault finding later, at a higher cost
    • Detecting and eliminating defects before the product matures and increases in cost, can save millions
    • In support/repair testing complex high-speed signals at-speed gives you the best way to judge signal integrity viewed on an eye diagram, allowing you to spot early degradation





View and download the HiSPINOUT Product Brief here