A.T.E. Solutions, Inc. is a leader  in test consulting for the electronics profession.

Consulting is a catch-all phrase that is not easily categorized, but we have the following consulting options briefly described below. Click on the link for more information:

» Consulting

Let’s meet.  Tell us when you are available for a free consultation up to ½ hour with Louis Y. Ungar.  eMail him at or call 310-822-5231.

» Test Requirements Analysis

This is a firm-fixed-price service where we assess your issues and offer advice quickly and cost-effectively

» Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

A reliability and maintainability document that is essential for understanding the scope of the test effort early.

» Design for Testability (DFT) Analysis and Consulting

DFT is a well-established methodology, preferably early in the design, that ensures maximum test coverage at the lowest possible cost.

» Built-In Self Test Consulting

Today’s technology lends itself to BIST that can lower your reliance on ATE, test program development and other test related costs.

» ATE Selection and Test Market Consulting

Our knowledge of ATE can benefit both buyers and sellers

» Test Program Consulting – TRD and TPS

We can assist test program development in all phases.  We can help plan and develop the Test Requirements Documentation (TRD), help with the development of the test program sets (TPS) and/or evaluate the entire test process.

» ConsulTraining

This is a part of our educational services, whereby we combine training with consulting, enabling instructors and attendees to solve problems while being educated on the topic. 

  • For example, a course on DFT and BIST is applied to your company’s design

» Expert Witnessing

We are called as expert witnesses on court cases involving test

» Consultant On-Site

If you want one of our consultants at your facility, we have time and material rates available for various levels of consultants.  We can also accept firm-fixed price contracts.