Test Experts of Counsel

“Of Counsel” is an agreement whereby A.T.E. Solutions, Inc. will be retained for as little as 8 hours per month for a set fee on a continuous basis.

In addition to your regular test engineering team, which may be tied up with daily test engineering tasks, your company will have the expertise available not only from core A.T.E. Solutions, Inc. test professionals but also from the network of test engineering connections we have with literally thousands of test professionals around the world who deal with or have dealt with similar obstacles you are facing.

Because we are retained on a continuous basis as your company’s long term consultants, we will continually research and inform you of new developments in the field. Note that our relationship and the methodologies our clients use are strictly protected under Nondisclosure Agreements and we do not share those. We do, however, continually research current literature on test and testability and we also formulate our own solutions to the ever-changing technological challenges.

Furthermore, we maintain a data base of expertise that other test professionals have and we can obtain their services as needed.

To learn more about this unique service, contact us.