Privately Held Courses

What is a Privately Held Course?

If the Publicly Held courses do not work well for you, and you do not have a sufficient number of people to justify an on-site course, you can come to our facility in the Los Angeles, California area, and we can hold a class for you and possibly some of your co-workers. (In some cases we could find instructors closer to your location, especially if you are outside the United States.)

Benefits of Privately Held Courses

The least expensive way to attend our courses is to find one that is Publicly Held, but that requires that the date and location work for you. Typically, an Onsite Course at your facility, would require a minimum number of attendees (generally 5) to be available all at the same time.

With a Privately Held course:

  • You can decide on when it is convenient for you to hold the class
  • You can influence the length of the course
  • You can have the class for a small group or even for a single attendee
  • It will allow us to better tailor the course to your needs.
  • You can have personal attention to your project
  • You can have it combined with ConsulTraining
  • If English is not your native language we can slow down to your comfort level and if necessary provide a translator (at an extra cost)
  • Because the class size is small, you can generally complete the curriculum in fewer days, which reduces the total cost of the class.
  • We may be able to find you an instructor within your country, saving you the cost of international travel.

Privately Held Course Length is Flexible

Privately Held Courses are somewhat flexible in the length of the course. A course that would normally be taught in 3 days in a Publicly Held forum, may take only 2 days when presented Privately. Also you can influence what topics get greater coverage and what topics get less.

Requesting a Quotation for Privately Held Courses

To Request a Quotation for a Privately Held Course (generally in Los Angeles or the place designated in the form) tell us the following:

  • Your desired start date
  • Course Length (The normal length is included, but you may edit it)
  • Location (Generally Los Angeles. You may edit this to show a more desirable location, for example, India, Singapore or Europe.)
  • How Many? This is the number of people that will attend. Generally we charge the same amount whether 1 or 2 people attend.
  • There is an extra charge starting with the 3rd attendee.