Design for Testability (DFT) and Built-In Self Test (BIST): Not only for Test Engineers for US and Europe Audience


Publicly Held Webinar:  For US and European Audience

***This time FREE for limited attendees due to Coronavirus Pandemic ***

Length: 45 minutes with Q&A ~ Presented: May 26, 2020 at 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time 

What you will learn:

Why do we need DFT and BIST?  The answer is economic and common sense.  If something is NOT testable, you can’t ever make sure it is working properly and obviously selling an untestable product is risky, if not economically suicidal.

This short webinar – intended to make non-test engineers aware of DFT and BIST techniques – will provide you with an explanation that you can follow without all the technical details test professionals need to know.  Nonetheless, you will learn JTAG, Boundary Scan, Built-In Self Test without having to become a test engineer.  It is intended for Managers and Engineers of various disciplines who have heard test engineers appealing for DFT and BIST but found the rationale too detailed and too technical to really follow the arguments.  All technical issues will be thoroughly explained so that non-technical attendees don’t get lost, yet technical attendees also learn applicable principles.  Test engineers who attend will learn a good way to explain the concepts to their colleagues but do bring or send others to this webinar.


Who should attend:

While the course does contain topics involving electronics, it is explained in a way that a non-technical audience can follow.  This is not to say that Design and Test Engineers would not benefit, but they will probably need more detailed follow-ons.  The main benefit of this course will be to managers, quality assurance, marketing and others who will be able to understand why DFT and BIST are important parts of their products.

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